A Celebration of Bolton Wanderers Female Fans

Welcome to Bolton Fems, a platform dedicated to showcasing the passion, dedication and love of the female fans of Bolton Wanderers FC. Through captivating photography, insightful articles and engaging stories, we aim to highlight the unique experiences and perspectives of women in football culture.

At Bolton Fems, we believe that the voice and presence of female football fans should be celebrated and amplified. 

Following on and building on the work of Jacqui Massey ‘girlfanszine’ photographing female football fans with a definite link to fashion I’d like to focus specifically on female Bolton Wanderers fans of all ages and backgrounds, paying attention to and finding out their backstory.  The idea is to show that women are just as passionate about football as men.

Looking at and exploring such issues as why do women go to football? how are they introduced to it? how do they feel about it? how is their day in comparison to a man? what challenges do they face due to their passion? (motherhood, opinions of friends and family, maintaining a healthy lifestyle etc) Has the advancement of womens football contributed in any way? Looking to promote the already established concept of ‘her game too’ and celebrating the female football fan and exploring the difference between the sexes.

Community Engagement

In collaboration with Bolton Wanderers In The Community, join our vibrant community of female football fans who are passionate about supporting Bolton Wanderers. Share your experiences, connect with fellow fans and contribute to the dialogue surrounding women in football. Together we can challenge the status quo and create positive change.

Ruby and Lexi say ''My dad took me when I was little and then I started to go with my cousin and my uncle so now I have a season ticket and I support Bolton because it's the best, it's a good feeling and when they score the atmosphere is amazing from the players, fans, everyone''

''I've been a supporter of Bolton Wanderers since I was around 7 years old and it's been a big part of my life since''

Alice is expecting her first child she says ''we've just moved house, I put the grounds postcode in and picked my house from that so I could walk to the match. My mum and dad introduced me to football I've never known a life without Bolton Wanderers, I love the passion and having something to believe in because it's like a religion innit''

Pauline was actually born a Man City fan but became a wanderer when she moved to Bolton after getting married in 1966. She once invaded the pitch when Bolton managed to clinch a last gasp winner to stay in the Championship and she often used to tell the story of getting stuck on the barrier and two fellas had to come and help her ''get her leg over'' RIP Pauline once in never out

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